Gift Ideas For Your Daughter Upon Completing Summer Dance Camp

Posted on: 17 June 2016

Whether your daughter takes dance classes throughout the school year or is just constantly dancing around the house and backyard, it's ideal to consider enrolling her in dance camp this summer. Many cities have a variety of different dance camps for young people of all ages, meaning that you won't have any difficulty finding a camp that suits your daughter's ability and your schedule and budget. If this is the child's first time away at camp, it's a nice gesture to make a big deal about her accomplishment once camp is over. If you're leaning toward buying your daughter a gift to recognize her accomplishment, here are some ideas.

Dance Attire

Your daughter will love any type of attire related to dancing. If you opt to go this route, your gift can be as simple as a T-shirt or hoodie sold by the camp itself — it will often feature the name of the camp and the year. If you expect that your daughter's enrollment in the camp will lead to her continue to pursue dancing in the months ahead, a dance outfit, shoes or even a tote bag will all come in handy. Depending on your daughter's age, hair products and makeup can be an effective accompaniment to some new dance attire, given that many dance recitals go for specific looks in terms of hair and makeup.

Enrollment In Another Dance Program

If your daughter has made it clear that she wishes to take another dance program — perhaps a different dance camp later in the summer or a specific program that begins in the fall, for example — she'll appreciate your surprise of confirming her enrollment for her. Once you pay for the upcoming camp or program with a dance school like Jazz Unlimited Studio of Arts, make up a gift certificate on the computer so that she'll have something to open during the celebration.

Gift Cards

There are a few different dance-related ideas if you wish to go the gift card route. If your daughter is constantly listening to her MP3 player and working on her own dance routines in her room, a gift card for an online music service is something that she'll definitely appreciate. If she's nursing some tired muscles as a result of all the dancing she's been doing, visit a local massage therapy clinic and buy a gift card for a one-hour session. The therapist will be able to gently loosen your daughter's muscles, which can promote better flexibility and more fun dancing.


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