Why You Need Resolution Independence

Posted on: 24 March 2017

In computer graphics, resolution independence is now the direction many want to head in, which means you, as someone creating graphics, need to find a resolution-independent program. This is not just a matter of following a hot trend. Resolution independence has many benefits over resolution dependence, from tech diversity to accessibility.

Eliminates the Pixelated Look

If a graphic is resolution-independent, then its components are not locked onto pixels, those small squares that make up many of the online graphics you see. Without that lock, a graphic can be enlarged or reduced without creating that pixelated look, where the graphic appears as a set of blurry colored pixels. The picture remains smooth.

More Flexibility in Where You Post

That smoothness gives you greater flexibility in where you allow the graphic to post. You can use the same graphic on larger and smaller screens without a major loss of resolution. This means you have simpler web design as you don't have to specify different graphics for different types of devices, and you avoid snarky comments from users about how they can't tell what the graphic was supposed to be about.

Works With Older and Newer Screens

Newer screens on computer and handheld devices tend not to be so friendly to resolution-dependent images. For these, resolution independence is essential to prevent the graphic from simply looking terrible. The higher definition of newer screens requires images that won't break down into blocky pixels, so resolution independence is the way to go if you're creating graphics that you want people to look at on all devices regardless of age.

Better for Those With Visual Disabilities

There are two advantages to resolution independence if you're creating a graphic for someone who is visually impaired. One is that the image may be a little sharper for those who have enough vision to see general shapes. The other is that it eliminates the horizontal scrollbar that can appear with many resolution-dependent images. This scrollbar is visual noise that doesn't help the visually impaired at all. Including it takes screen space away and gives the user one more item to try to interpret. While many visually impaired users use low-resolution screens anyway, there's no need to add visual junk to the display.

Software like Davinci Resolve is resolution-independent. Combined with several other features, you can create stunning graphics that translate easily to different environments. To learn more, create test graphics in different programs and start playing around with them on different devices, and you'll quickly see the difference.


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