Ancient Art: Creative Ways To Display Vintage Wall Hangings

Posted on: 23 June 2017

If you love vintage art, you probably enjoy shopping for new treasures to use in your home. However, deciding how to best display your newfound pieces of art can be challenging. A piece of art that's displayed well can add to its beauty. Likewise, the way you display a piece of art can minimize its special qualities.

Create a mural wall

Small pieces of framed art can be transformed into a large wall mural. For instance, 30 to 40 small floral prints can make a dramatic appearance when hung close together on a large wall. This works well in an entryway or on a large living room wall.

Consider the overall color of the room before you hang your display. Prints in black frames make a bold statement against a white, gray, or beige wall. Prints in white or light-colored frames will contrast well with dark walls.

Create a themed wall

If you like to collect wall art of a specific item, you can design an entire wall to display the things you are passionate about. Whether you love old cars, birds, or vintage tractors, your wall will be a great conversation piece in your home.

Use one large piece as a focal point on the wall. Arrange smaller pieces around the main piece. For contrast, you may wish to display both framed and unframed pieces of your art. Experiment with how you arrange the wall hangings. Try several different angles and go with the one that catches your eye.

Create a gallery wall

For a beautiful gallery appearance, install two picture-ledge shelves horizontally along a large wall. Mix and match an array of vintage wall hangings on the shelving for an eye-catching display. Place other collectibles in between the art pieces on the shelving to complete the look.

Use framed art pieces in different shapes and sizes to create a display that's unique. One advantage of using shelves is that you can swap pictures and items with ease as you collect new treasures to add to your collection.

Create a personal vintage wall

Some of the most precious vintage pieces may already be hiding in your home. Items that can easily be turned into interesting vintage wall hangings include old house and land deeds, old birth certificates, black and white family photos, cherished family recipes, and children's art work from long ago.

Purchase vintage frames for showcasing your personal family pieces. Make sure to get the ones with glass to protect your rare treasures. Display them in a family room and be prepared to hear the compliments coming when family and friends visit.

Vintage art pieces are beautiful treasures. Knowing how to display your vintage art will only add to the rare beauty of each item. A great display will allow you to enjoy seeing your collectibles every day, and you will enjoy sharing them with your friends and loved ones who visit. Talk with a company like Yesterday's Best for more options.


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