• Ancient Art: Creative Ways To Display Vintage Wall Hangings

    If you love vintage art, you probably enjoy shopping for new treasures to use in your home. However, deciding how to best display your newfound pieces of art can be challenging. A piece of art that's displayed well can add to its beauty. Likewise, the way you display a piece of art can minimize its special qualities. Create a mural wall Small pieces of framed art can be transformed into a large wall mural.
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  • Why You Need Resolution Independence

    In computer graphics, resolution independence is now the direction many want to head in, which means you, as someone creating graphics, need to find a resolution-independent program. This is not just a matter of following a hot trend. Resolution independence has many benefits over resolution dependence, from tech diversity to accessibility. Eliminates the Pixelated Look If a graphic is resolution-independent, then its components are not locked onto pixels, those small squares that make up many of the online graphics you see.
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